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February 2010



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Fic: The Authority

See? I do finish stories. Two short stories I wrote. Both are enbeta'd but I hope you enjoy.

Title: Valentine's Day
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Apollo/Midnighter
Summary: Midnighter wakes up hungover Valentine's Day.
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership.
Author's Notes: Kind of fluff. The two have been angsting for so long that I thought I'd give them a bit of fun-fun. Set on some random Valentine's Day.

Midnighter awoke with a mild headache. His pain receptors were quick to block the pain and he could feel chemicals being purged from his body. He groaned at the faded pain, but not for obvious reasons; the headache was a nice reminder that underneath everything he was still human. Jack decided last night was a good night for alcohol. Apparently, the brand he brought was strong enough to make even the superpowered drunk. He rowed over on the bed, hoping to go back to sleep for a few more hours. A chuckle from the other side of bed alerted him to his husband's awareness.

“Go back to sleep,” Midnighter grumbled.

“No,” was the only reply before an arm wrapped around his midsection, putting him closer to the hard body besides him. He shifted a bit and opened his eyes to the glowing face of Apollo. It was clear that Apollo has been soaking in the rays of the sun. Before Midnighter could say anything, Apollo leaned in for a kiss, giving Midnighter a quick taste of the sun.

Apollo whispered, “Happy Valentine's Day.”

Midnighter gave him a look before grumbling, “You better not be expecting chocolate or flowers or any of that other corporate bullshit they sell for this holiday.”

Apollo merely chuckled before claiming his lips in another kiss. One kiss turned into two and soon Apollo was on top him, grinding their hips together. Apollo pulled back and whispered, “No need. The only thing you need to give me is right here.”

Sleep could wait until tomorrow.

Title: The Other New Year
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Jenny Q. and Habib
Summary: Valentine's Day approaches, but so does another holiday.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Author's Notes: Ignores World's End. Chinese New Year falls on Valentine's Day this year. Since Jenny is technically Asian and I doubt Swift would want to celebrated this holiday over Valentine's Day, this came about.

Jenny Quarx puffed the last of the cigarette before flicking it off. The week had been quiet and everyone using that time to rest or fool around. Most likely fooling around. She stood in the observation room on the Carrier, knowing everyone else was busy with whatever the hell they planned. Valentine's was approaching in a few hours and she knew what her extended family was going to do for that day. Her dads, Apollo and Midnighter, were going around in civilian clothes through Paris. Cliché but considering they haven't had any time together for the last few weeks, she doesn't really care. Angie and Jack were somewhere on the Carrier. They had no plans to even leave the vehicle. Scratch that, they had no plans to even leave their rooms. Swift was off somewhere. Probably with some boytoy she found.

Jenny sighed, bent slightly forward to sit her arms across the rails in front of the large windows. She should be out doing something or sleeping. Just not standing here listlessly. Besides, boredom always brought about something bad, like that Christmas all those years ago. Then again, boredom was also a good thing as that meant the Authority didn't have to be out saving the world. Doesn't mean she has to like the holiday though. If anything, it made her feel a bit lonely. Sure she has her family, but with hormones flowing through her, she kind of wished for more. Jenny was so enthralled in her thoughts that she didn't notice the footsteps toward her.

“Happy new year,” came from behind, causing her to rip around. Habib stood behind her looking sheepishly.

Jenny gave him a look, stating, “Are you feeling alright? New year was two months ago.”

The current Doctor shrugged his shoulders and answered, “The Gregorian calender, yes. But not Chinese new year and since you were born in Singapore, I' I thought you might want to celebrate. There's a major festival in Singapore for the holiday.”

She raised an eyebrow at him, saying “I may have been born in Singapore, but I don't think I've even been to the country since my birth. I've lived in the Carrier practically my whole life and it's my home. Besides, the only new year I care about is the one for my birthday.”

Habib had an almost dejected look, before recomposing himself. He nodded toward her and turned to leave. Before he could though, she called out for me. She had nothing better to do, and he did take the time to talk to her.

“Okay, I might not have ever celebrated, but do you want to go down to Singapore?”

His smile and excitement was enough of an answer for her. At least she won't be alone this February 14th.



Awww, these are both so sweet! Lovely little Valentines ficlets. :D
Thank you. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. =)


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