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February 2010



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Okay. Instead of a poem today, I have the first chapter of my story. Here, I'll post the school version that I'm handing into my teacher. On fan fiction, I'll have a Inuyasha version that will be the same only the names and ratings will be different. Happy reading.

Chapter 1
Haruko Ryo stared mindlessly out the window of the airplane he was on. The school he gone to decided that he should have a better education so they were now transferring him to a private school in America. While the school itself was poor, they decided that Haruko need the best so they talked with the school board and used the money for Haruko.

Haruko grew up alone at the age of five in one of the worst neighborhoods in Tokyo. His mother had died giving birth to him and his father had soon married. He had a half brother in less than nine months. His step mother hated him and there was nothing his father could do. Not long after he became five, his step mother took him from home and left him in some dark alley. He soon found out that he was disowned and that his old family had moved to America because of his old father's company. Since then, he raised himself along with a bunch of other kids that were left by their parents too.

That was nearly ten years ago. He is currently fifteen years old. His birthday is December 1, about four months from now. Even though he is still underage, he is legally an adult since he emancipated himself four years ago. Since then, he's been working odd jobs and getting good grades in school. Which brings us back to the present. Haruko was shaken out of his thoughts when an announcement on the speakers say that the plane will be landing in a few minutes.

Haruko didn't bring much with him since he already barely owned anything. Most of his clothes were either black, dark blue or white since he didn't like any colored clothings. He transferred all his money into America bills since he would need the money. After getting his small bag of clothes, he left the airport. He took out a piece of paper that gave directions to where he was suppose to go. After staring at it for quite a while, he waved a taxi and got on.

"Where to mister?" the cab driver asked.

"Take me to this place," Haruko said with a foreign accent. He pointed to the address of the place where he would be staying.

"You foreign?" the driver asked as he started driving to the address Haruko pointed out.

"Yes. I am from Japan. My old school decided that I would get a better education here," he answered while staring out the window.

"Nice. Well here we are," the driver announced as they came to a stop. Haruko stepped outside the car and look around. The house was a one story building and completely white.

"Maybe things will start to get better now," he thought as he stared at his new home. Turning back to the driver, he asked, "How much?"

The driver smiled and said, "Since your new around here, $7."

Haruko simply nodded. "Thank you," he said as he handed the driver the money. The driver nodded in acknowledgement before driving off. Haruko walked toward his house and opened the door. After setting everything the way he want them to be, he got ready for bed even though it was only 8:45 PM. "School starts tomorrow. Might as well get a good night sleep," he thought to himself.

------------The Following Morning-------------

A dark haired girl by the name of Leiko Rai Chan, or Rai to many of her friends, woke up early in the morning and got ready for school. After getting dressed and all ready, she went downstairs to greet her family.

"Morning Sky," she said to the first person she saw who happened to be her twin brother, Skyler. Next, she saw her aunt who was setting the table with breakfast.

"Hurry kids. You don't want to be late for school," their aunt said when she saw them move like snails. This got them moving and five minutes later, they were leaving for school. Even though they went to a private school, it didn't seem like it because of how it acted like a public school.

"Rai. Sky. Hey, over here," shouted their friend Sabrina, who was waving at them near the front doors of school. It didn't take the two long to get to school since they lived two blocks away. Plus the fact that the whole district was in the country side helped. When the three reached each other, they shared a group hug. Although, Sky stayed close to Sabrina when they broke the hug.

"Wow. Can you believe that summer is over and school starts?: Sabrina asked as they walked to a place to sit.

"I know. Although, I'm glad to be back at school," Rai said as they sat on the grass.

"My sister, the nerd," Sky said then regretted it when Rai hit him.

"Serves you right," Sabrina mumbled.

Soon the bell rung and they went their separate ways. The school was the size of an average middle school with three wings and three floors. It had two gyms and two yards. Besides, it didn't need much room since it only had 500 students. Soon Rai had settled in Homeroom and got ready for class to begin. However, there seemed to be a new student.

"Class, please welcome Mr. Haruko Ryo," the teacher stated to the class. Few "hi" were heard throughout the class. The new student was very tall, had black hair, and very dark blue eyes. Although, his face was completely emotionless, which is what freaked Rai out about him.

"Why do I have a feeling that this is going to be a long year?" Rai thought to herself as Haruko was seated next to her.



about what you said

yea....i'll make a lv sometime later, maybe tonoght or something not right now. hope ur likeing the songs i gave you. ill post my first chapter when i have my lv. hehe, cya or ttyl



and you really like resurrection huh? you said it reminded you of voldemorts resurrection, but who's the other person? LOLZ e-mail what you can't print okay?